Best of the Week

It was a short and stressful week, so I didn't get a chance to read as much as I'd like but here are the gems I did manage to review. How do you find time to read?

* If you haven't heard, Google Analytics has rolled out Enhanced Ecommerce Analytics. Dive deeper into your site's performance |

* On a side note, I'm getting really tired of reading articles portraying themselves as offering deep insights into marketing on Facebook or Twitter, when all they do is cover the basics. 

* Fliptop has posted an ebook about predictive lead scoring. Download it and learn how to send just the best leads to your sales team. |

 * I miss having a standing desk, so this list of excercises to make up for all the sitting is worth printing out and posting at your desk | Art of Manliness 

* Long read - FRESHLY PRESSED: Harry Holly Helped Make the the Fast Food Hamburger Possible |