Using Google Plus+ to Improve Search Results

The question of Google+ seems to be coming up more and more whenever I meet with other marketers or business folks. And for obvious reasons: it is this ‘thing’ from the almighty Google that is constantly foisted upon us yet doesn’t have any clear value beyond the networks we’re already using. We have little real interest in using it but we’re still under the impression we should.

First, I am a fan of Google Hangouts as a marketing tool, even more so than a plain old webinar of just slides.

But more importantly and why I keep Google+ in my marketing mix, are the benefits one can get in search results. Here is a great break down from Social Media Examiner outlining some of the activities companies can do to take advantage of Google+ to improve their search results.

I would also assume Google+ will continue to evolve and present other opportunities you will want to take advantage of so now is a great time to get started.

And don’t forget to work on building a community on the site, it is after all a social network.